Defend Yourself Against Vehicular Assault Charges

Vehicular assault is a serious crime that you could face in court. If you have been accused of threatening to harm or harming a person with your vehicle, you may face prison time, fines, and other consequences. Are you prepared to fight back against vehicular assault? This guide will help you fight back against these charges in a variety of instances. Examples of Vehicular Assault Vehicular assault can occur in a number of different ways, and it is important that you pay attention to the details of your case to ensure that you can build the strongest possible defense. [Read More]

Understanding Pretrial Motions To Dismiss Criminal Charges

Ask most folks to imagine what the successful conclusion of a criminal defense looks like, and they're likely to picture a jury delivering a "not guilty" verdict. Although that's certainly one way a case can end, a more common tool for a criminal law attorney to try to use is the pretrial motion to dismiss the charges. This is a request filed by a criminal defense attorney that asks the judge to throw the case out entirely because there is something inherently wrong with it. [Read More]

Why Are There Issues With Getting A Title For A Property?

Making sure that properties are transferred between owners without fraud, misrepresentation, or other forms of bad-faith dealing is one of the foundational reasons the law exists. Critical to real estate law is the acquisition of a clear title. Most title searches range between completely uneventful and mildly annoying, but a few can turn up major issues that may stand in your way of taking control of a property. Let's explore some of the most common problems that can occur with getting a title. [Read More]

Avoid Using These Products Before You Get Behind The Wheel

You likely understand the critical nature of avoiding alcoholic beverages before you drive your vehicle, but it's not only alcoholic beverages that can get you in temporary trouble with the law. Certain products carry scents of alcohol, and while they might not cause you to fail a field sobriety test and get arrested, they can certainly lead to a lengthy and stressful interaction on the side of the road with a police officer. [Read More]