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Drug Crime Defense Strategies

Lack of probable cause, or an improperly handled traffic stop or residential search, could result in your drug charge being dropped or reduced in severity. Drug crime lawyers aid with preparing a defense that will demonstrate that an arrest wasn't handled properly or wasn't warranted in the first place.

The Classification And The Surrounding Details

Drug crimes are classified as misdemeanor offenses or felony offenses. Each classification could lead to an arrested individual facing jail time, however, a felony offense will incur a much stiffer penalty than a misdemeanor.

A drug crime lawyer will break down the charge that you have been handed. They will use the surrounding details that are associated with the charge to explain to you what types of penalties you may be facing. Of course, there is also the possibility of having a drug charge dropped. Before your attorney gets started in preparing a defense, they will discuss the crime with you and will provide clarification concerning what you could face when you attend your court hearing.

Some Possible Outcomes

  • jail time
  • community service
  • fines
  • drug rehabilitation participation

The Services Your Attorney Will Provide

A criminal lawyer who handles drug crimes will outline their services and provide you with details about how much money it will cost you to be defended throughout the course of your legal battle. The services may include face-to-face consultations, phone consultations, surveillance strategies, analytical services, and the filing of paperwork.

A lawyer will use legal requirements in your state to determine if a police officer handled any part of your arrest improperly. You should have been read your Miranda rights when you were arrested. The cop would have needed to have probable cause to pull you over while driving or to search your home or person for drugs. An informant could have contacted the police on your behalf.

If an informant was the person who triggered the police to begin investigating you, your attorney will uncover the details that led up to your arrest. In some situations, it isn't possible to have a drug charge dismissed. If you do not have an extensive criminal record, your lawyer may be able to get your drug charge reduced. If you have an addiction, you may be eligible to enter a rehab program. You may also be eligible to perform community service. These possibilities will be outlined by the legal representative who is assisting you with your case. 

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