What Does Criminal Record Expungement Amount To?

A judge can order the expungement of a person's criminal record under specific certain circumstances. You might wonder, though, whether it's worth the effort to petition the court and go through the process. It's important to understand what expungement amounts to so let's examine the idea. Eligibility In most U.S. states, people are only eligible for expungement once they've fulfilled all of the requirements of their sentences. Suppose a judge ordered someone to pay restitution, court and supervision costs, and fines on top of serving jail time and probation.

DUI Charges And Looking Good In Front Of The Judge

Most DUI lawyers advise their clients to look good when they appear in court. Doing so shows that you respect the judge and that you are aware of the seriousness of the situation. Don't make the mistake of thinking that your appearance doesn't matter at your DUI court appearance. Read on to find out what to wear and what to avoid. Talk to Your Lawyer Court practices vary from place to place.