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Should You Take A Polygraph After Facing Sex Crime Allegations?

If you have watched movies and TV shows about the criminal justice system, you may have seen mention of polygraph tests. Many people who face sex crimes allegations fear for the future. It's only natural to have these fears when you are facing such serious charges. So, when a 'lie detector' test is brought up, you might wonder if it can help you.

If you are in custody, should you take a polygraph test? These are some of the things your sex crimes attorney wants you to know before you decide to go for it.

What Do These Tests Actually Measure?

A polygraph actually measures the depth of one's breath, changing blood pressure, and other forms of stress. The tests are administered with the assumption that people are not able to control their body's stress response to lying. These are tests of the body's response to the questions, not necessarily what is happening in the mind.

Polygraph Test Results Are Not Admissible in Court

One thing you need to know is that the results of a lie detector test are not admissible in court. A polygraph is not evidence that can be brought to court and used against you. As a result, these tests may not actually be used to show the court that you did or did not commit a sex crime.

Polygraph Tests Are Not Accurate

Even when lie detector tests are administered in the best of conditions, these tests cannot accurately determine that somebody is lying. False positives are very common, indicating that somebody is lying when they may not be.

There are a few problems. First, not everybody reacts to lying in the same way. In fact, some people are very good at hiding their deception. In other cases, people are just very nervous when speaking with law enforcement professionals, especially about crimes as serious as rape and sexual violence.

Polygraphs May Be Used as an Interrogation Technique

Keep in mind that taking a polygraph test when you are accused of a sex crime does not necessarily help you. Instead, the test can be used to interrogate you more thoroughly, perhaps without an attorney.

Speak With Your Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are asked to take a polygraph during a sex crimes investigation, you should speak with a professional. A sex crimes attorney will give you solid advice about how you should move forward with your case and how you can defend yourself. Contact a sex crimes attorney for more information.