If You've Been Denied Workers Comp Benefits: Appealing Your Initial Denial To Receive Benefits

When you are at work and you get injured, you will need to report your injuries to your supervisor. If you are not able to return to work right away, you should be covered under workers compensation benefits until you are able to begin working again. Sometimes the medical exam you receive from the doctor your employer sends you to will indicate that you can return to work, even if you are still hurt. [Read More]

Why You Need To Hire An Appellate Lawyer To Win Your Case

You might have a good working relationship with your existing trial lawyer. You trust them, and they have worked very hard on your behalf. They already know the complexities of your case and have been working months if not years on getting your case either dismissed or the charges dropped. If your case has gone to the appeals board, however, it is better to hire an appellate lawyer to take over the process, and there are very valid reasons why. [Read More]

Injured By A Defective Airbag? Here's What You Need To Know

Airbags are designed to save lives in the event of an accident, but a defective airbag can just as easily cause serious injuries. One major airbag manufacturer is currently under fire for its defective airbags, with over 34 million vehicles potentially affected in the United States alone. If you or a loved one is injured by a defective airbag, you'll need to know how you can be compensated for your injuries. [Read More]

Drunk Biking Charges In California: What You Need To Know

Bike riding is a healthy (and often more enjoyable) alternative to driving your car, but riders still need to take responsibility on the road. Unfortunately, as cycling becomes more popular, the likelihood of an accident increases. Studies show that more than a quarter of riders over the age of 16 killed on Californian roads were over the legal driving limit for alcohol when they died. Learn more about the law concerning drunk biking in California, and find out what this charge entails. [Read More]