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Avoid Using These Products Before You Get Behind The Wheel

You likely understand the critical nature of avoiding alcoholic beverages before you drive your vehicle, but it's not only alcoholic beverages that can get you in temporary trouble with the law. Certain products carry scents of alcohol, and while they might not cause you to fail a field sobriety test and get arrested, they can certainly lead to a lengthy and stressful interaction on the side of the road with a police officer. If you're planning to get behind the wheel of your car, here are some products that you should avoid.

Alcohol-Infused Toothpicks

Toothpicks infused with the flavor of whiskey and other types of alcohol are available on the market, and while this device might be appealing to you to chew, it's not something that is smart to use before you drive. You definitely don't want your breath to smell of alcohol in the event of getting pulled over, and your explanation of using a toothpick infused with whiskey flavor may not be reasonable to a police officer who hasn't heard of such a product. If you're interested in using this type of toothpick, it's best to do after you're done driving for the day.

Alcohol-Flavored Vape Juice

People who vape often buy vape juice that is flavored like fruit and other sweets, but the long list of products available to users means that you may come across vape juice that is flavored like alcohol. For example, many stores carry vape juice that has a distinct flavor of whiskey, hard lemonade, flavored vodka, and even moonshine. These products might be exciting for you to try, but they're definitely best to avoid if you're going to be driving — and especially if you're vaping while driving. If a police officer were to smell your alcolohol-flavored vape upon you rolling down your window, he or she might immediately expect that you're intoxicated.

Alcohol-Flavored Jerky

Spicy, teriyaki, and peppered are all popular flavors of beer jerky, but if you browse a specialty jerky shop that has a wide range of products, you might come across alcohol-flavored jerky. For example, some flavors of jerky have a distinct taste of bourbon, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages. A faint smell of alcohol because you're eating beef jerky while driving or because you had a few pieces immediately before you got behind the wheel could cause your breath to smell of alcohol.

If you've received a ticket for driving under the influence of alcohol and you believe that your use of an alcohol-flavored product complicated the traffic stop, contact a DUI attorney.