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Domestic Violence Falsehoods And Myths

Being the victim of domestic violence or accused of these acts can be a serious situation to face. Being able to effectively defend yourself will require knowing the truth regarding common myths and falsehoods about domestic violence.

Myth: Domestic Violence Is Not A Crime

Some people assume that domestic violence is always treated as little more than a civil dispute. Yet, it is possible and common for individuals to face prosecution over this offense. As a result, individuals accused of this crime should seek representation promptly, and those that have been victims of domestic violence should notify the police so that the incident can be documented and the perpetrator arrested or detained before they can cause serious harm.

Myth: Women Are The Only Targets Of Domestic Violence

There are some individuals that assume it is impossible for a man to be the victim of domestic violence. Yet, this is surprisingly common as the tendencies to be an abuser are not limited to a particular gender or sexual orientation. Some men may be ashamed to report domestic violence, and this is a stigma that can delay or prohibit justice for the victim while exposing them to a greater risk of violence in the future.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Defend Against False Claims Of Domestic Violence

Regretfully, some individuals may wrongly accuse their partner of domestic violence. This may be done in an attempt to end the relationship, gain an advantage in court proceedings, or other nefarious purposes. Luckily, there are effective defense strategies that can be used to ward off these accusations. However, time is of the essence in these instances as it will be necessary to contest and defend the accusation in a way that limits the damage they can cause.

Myth: Public Defenders Always Offer The Same Type Of Representation As Private Attorneys

Those charged with domestic violence may try to be represented by a public defender. This can be an invaluable service to those that are completely unable to afford private representation, but individuals may want to treat this as a last resort. While a public defender is a fully licensed and experienced legal professional, they will often have extremely heavy caseloads that will greatly limit the individual attention that they can give their clients. When you hire a private attorney to represent you, it will be easier for them to devote more time to your case as they will have a lighter caseload.